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  • Use this thread to learn how to stay in touch with your PHA
  • Discuss what when you application is placed on a waiting list.
  • Discuss what to do when your PHA contacts you about your application
  • Discuss common questions that occur after you apply for rental assistance.

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Need voucher mailed to me address 10059 toelle ln63137

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Please contact the nearest HUD housing office for information regarding voucher mailing. You can use the HUD office locator tool to find the nearest office: PHA Contact Information | HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


MARk fox homeless. Wait list confirm

I need a voucher mailed to me at xxxxxxxxTHANK YOU.

Thank you for your information.

*[strong text](https://89otj.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/mk/cl/f/sh/WCPzyXJTZ72iiLydfkd9lZTnxSFpCpnQ/EbJHWRp


I I need a vulture meal to me xxxxxx

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i placed a application online for Sundale Flats in Charlotte, but couldnt pay application fee online so thats the only application I have on my local website for Charlotte

Leon a allen jr
Do not enter personal contact information

Need to get a status check on my application

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I’m in lake county went to section eight office told them I am now
Homeless and I am 87 on list is this where I go back to register for my housing voucher also

I have called the housing in clearlake and updated my information and looking how to confirm the status check.
I am
hear homeless with my 15 o old granddaughter and there is limited help with no homeless shelter

Emergency voucher please

Thank you mark fox confirm wait list housing choice voucher

Need voucher mailed to 4415 fm 3096 Kerens Texas 75144

I need to know about the status of my application 2641- 21st SF CA 94110

Status update for today is yes I’m needing assistance soon a

This is so confusing…love y’all tho

I’ve been trying for 13 years now and nothing yet and i’am 67 years of age and low income, i go from pillow to post are where ever i can go, half of this stuff you send out i don’t understand. I need help like yesterday

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