Desperately needing to get off the streets I'm homeless and I do not have any kind of money

I am very confused I’m new here I applied for section 8 but do not know how to get emergency housing I’m in Shawnee Oklahoma and I’m homeless with no assistance each month I only get food stamps can anybody please help me

I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I signed up for Mainstream in2010 and I having heard anything please someone help me

Hi my name is Craig Johnson and I have been homeless for 9 years I recently got my son and we both out here on the streets some nights I found a family member or friend that will let him stay the night but most of the time he is with me and I’m going through depression and my health is not good I want to throw in the towel and give up but I got to think about him he doesn’t deserve this I need emergency rapid rehousing it’s scary out here for a 9 year old