Emergency Housing/Domestic Violence/Disabled

I’m desperately seeking EMERGENCY HOUSING, I’m also trying to leave a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE situations I’ve tried everything to get away even me being HOMELESS w/ NOWHERE to go. I’m ALWAYS in & out the HOSPITAL w/ me being DISABLED & sometimes being admitted due to me being in this ABUSIVE SO-CALLED RELATIONSHIP. EVERYDAY I wake up AFRAID…LONELY & DEPRESSED. I just want to be free from ALL THE ABUSE


My name is Rhonda Reece and I am currently living in a Domestic Violence Shelter in Elizabeth city, North Carolina. I am in need of a home and as well as escaping an abusive relationship and having to go back-and-forth to court to keep him away from me. I also have disabilities. I need housing immediately because the shelter only allows you to stay a couple of months and then you’re on your own. Response would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know if we’re allowed to leave phone numbers on here But how do I get back in touch with you to find out if I can get help? Thank you and have a blessed day.

Vera house
They always help anyone in that situation also if your in GA let me.kmow I have personal contacts

I have fell on hard times I’m having trouble paying my bills I’m 3 months behind on my rent I’m raising a granddaughter in my car is down I have no job I draw my SSDI she draws Tanner could you please assist me with my rent and rental assistance