Help me plsase i have mental problems an son with autism we are about to be kick out

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I have lived with mygeandma 9 years an she pased in august. My ex still controls me n if i try to move on with another man he stalks us til my b/f decided he had enugh with my ex. He walks in the house n does whatever he wants. A month ago he beat me up n kidnapped me. Ive gone to police for help over 13 yrs. Nothing happens excepts makes him more mad. Now my grandmother gone the family selling the house an we areaboutvto be homeless my mental health got worse the older i goten n my yougest has autism. My ex is harrassing our daughter tontell hi whrre we end up going. But i cant live with him. I might end up dead. Im trying to get social security . Im on the section 8 waiting list but told to have to go to homeless shelter an idk how my yiungest son can handle it