Evection done wrong

I have been locked out of my public housing apartment no medicine if you can help me please let me know

Hey Edith, sorry for the late response and thank you for bringing this to our attention. To be able to give a more detailed response, could you please provide us with more information about your situation? For example, what is the reason for being locked out of the apartment? Have you tried to contact the local housing authority or the local department of health and human services?

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It was due to past due rent this was the russville Alabama housing authority i did not receive all of the paperwork after i turned it on the seventh day to the court house

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I was locked out for my rent being late yes it was the russville Alabama housing authority i found on line after the rit of paper i was supposed to have 7 more days to get my belongings and they were closed the week that they put that their

Hi Edith, The point is that in Alabama, the rent is due at the beginning of each pay period and considered late the day after its due date, unless your agreement says otherwise.

You can’t count on getting extra time just because it’s a weekend or holiday.

If you don’t pay up or leave by the deadline, the landlord can go ahead and file an eviction lawsuit.

Anyway, we recommend that you seek advice from an experienced lawyer to figure out if the eviction was illegal.

Check out this article.

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