I have been served a eviction notice to appear in court on the 5th of April

I am a 61 yr. Old Disable , who is facing eviction notice for April 5th ,2024 in dire need of Hud , housing assistance for low income or emergency assistance . I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carsinoma stage 3 (breast Cancer)… after procedures of chemo, and radiation… I am suffering numbness , imbalances on whole left arm , both feet ,and legs. I have fallen about 5 times in the bath tub and 2 times just losing my balance while walking . I am currently living in a studio apartment but will be needing a 2 bedroom due to the fact that I had to get a family friend by the name of Geraldine Griffie , who relocated from Vegas to assist me.
Kindly please consider my situations and assist me with this emergency need :pray:

Hi Joan,

thanks for taking the time to explain. We’re sorry to hear about the difficult situation you’re going through. It sounds like you’re in need of some urgent housing assistance. If you can respond with the county, zip or city we can research your area and give you more accurate resources to contact.

Step 1: Contact your local Public Housing Agencies (Contact all PHA offices in the area you are needing assistance. Visit the link below to quickly find PHA offices near you to contact for assistance.


Step 2: Enter their state or city in the search bar
Step 3: Email the listed email address. Short email explaining briefly why you need housing assistance. You may be emailed back by a representative or you may be emailed to visit the PHA website and begin your application.
Step 4: For most low-income programs you will need to verify your household income. Here is a link to show you how to determine where your income is and if you would meet the initial requirements.

Step 5. Call 2-1-1 United Way. Just dial 211 and hit the call button. You will be transferred to a representative that can help you find a shelter if you are facing homelessness.

Step 6. Section 8 is actually called Housing Choice Vouchers now. But you can apply for emergency vouchers, EHV, Public Housing. You could get approved for emergency aid from Rapid rehousing, RAD, is the Rental Assistance Demonstration program which allows public housing to be used for vouchers. Ask your PHA if you qualify for these programs.

Step 7: If you are on disability there should be housing programs near you that are for special needs or specifically for people who are on SSI or disability. Try reading the easy-to-follow instructions in this article. We advise using this link to locate all HUD sponsored housing near you. Apply to special needs or multifamily assisted options first. Contact low income apartments near you too, they will be on the map, If HUD doesn’t show you the apartment building contact info you will have to find it on Google. Or let us know where you are searching.

Step 8: We are sure you have done this but try contacting your local cancer society or hospital to see if they have any resources available for people with cancer who are in need of housing assistance.

Please feel free to keep us informed on your journey. Respond with where you are needing help and we will investigate your area for resources (free of charge of course)

Best regards,

AHH Team