On the waiting list but liable eviction 31st March therefore need Emergency Status

Emergency Status needed for a 73 year old disabled retiree on a low level income.

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Sorry to hear of your situation. We hope we can help. Can you tell us the area where you need housing? We can research and help you find local housing authorities.

Have you already contacted your local government HUD sponsored authorities?

Here is an article that will help you do that. follow the instruction and you should be able to find available housing programs in your area. Let us know if you get stuck Click here

First and foremost, I thank you for your quick response.
I need housing in Alexandria Virginia 22306 and 22309 zip codes. Yes, I contacted my local government HUD, County of Fairfax, Virginia and I have been placed on
the waiting list.
I am in fact pleading with you if you could assist me to further help me get the Emergency Status so that the possibility of being evicted at the end of March could be avoided
. I am sure I qualify; am 73 years old, physically handicapped and at a low income bracket facing eviction.
Counting on your usual assistance.
Alex Tabi

Hi Aatabi.

It is our pleasure. Thank you for giving us a chance to help. We hope to do just that.

Just a FYI. The people we see have success with rental assistance and affordable housing programs are people who:

  • Are persistent
  • Do research
  • Ask questions
  • Be organized
  • Follow instructions
  • Follow up

Below is what we came up with after doing our research. We really hope this helps but let us know if you get stuck.

Please make sure you follow these steps after being placed on a waiting list. [Read this article for more detail.](How Can I Check My Section 8 Status? - Affordable Housing Heroes

After applying and being placed on a waiting list it is important to do the following.

  1. Verify your contact info with your PHA (housing authority that placed you on a waiting list)
    You should receive a email, letter or message of some kind that confirms you are on the waiting list.
  2. Notify your PHA office if your address, number or email changes. If the PHA can’t reach you. You will be removed from the housing choice voucher waiting list. Many PHA offices will send out letters to confirm your contact info is still current and that you are still in need of a voucher. Typically this is done after an applicant has been on the waiting list for some time (months).
  3. On your application did you list that you are disabled, low income and facing homelessness? These should be circumstances that will require your PHA office to move your application to the front of the waiting list. If you did not list these personal factors on your application then you will need to inform your PHA of them in order to qualify for immediate approval of your voucher.
  4. Did you explore other Housing assistance programs in your area?

click here here is a map of Hud housing programs, properties in your are that are specifically for Disabled and elderly. You should contact all Multifamily Housing
(Low Income, Elderly, and Special Needs Housing) offices in your area. You may be able to apply for more than one housing program. This will increase your chances of getting assistance.

Click here for a map of all HUD housing programs and offices near you.

Here are some Alexandria VA eviction prevention resources. If you are about to be evicted before your voucher is approved there may be some resources from the state that can help you now - COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Programs and Resources