Help with housing or relocation programs

Hello I’m a 35 year old woman living in Meridian, MS I’m a full time student getting a BS degree in criminal justice I’m a dedicated hard worker and always strive for positive change my downfall is because I grew up in foster care unaware of my real family I lack support to help me reach a certain transformation, I was married and survived abusive husband of 10 years finally divorced and trying to make it on my own sadly I’ve been forced into poverty and now suffer from homelessness and no transportation due to my broke down car so now life is really hard and it’s cold this time of year and I haven’t had a place to live I’m in need of rapid rehousing to have adequate housing I’m also seeking any relocation assistance that offer domestic violence victims move and can regain self sufficiency, because I am also afraid that if my ex husband find me homeless on the streets he will have opportunity to harm me again.