Homeless and need housing

What do i do or how do i get on the housing program list? I thought i was already waiting for a voucher but im still learning how to use this computer stuff


Yeah they like to keep everybody guessing what you do is you contact your housing authority whatever housing authority belongs to your state just look it up on the computer housing authority for the state of blank and you can either call them and ask them for an application or they will have an online application but if you don’t know how to use computer good I would recommend doing it over the phone or asking them to have someone come out and help you but that is how you get on the list for housing section 8 housing voucher low income housing all of that that’s how you get on the list

Hay I"m BeasleyK and i know where you all are coming form i have been homeless for 6years almost and i didn’t know where to get help form my friend told me where to look and here i am