Homelessness is real

I’m 54 yrs old, currently out of work and fighting for SSDI inwhich I’ve been denied twice. Doing appeal. I was in a car accident 2, yrs ago and popped my neck and have 2 herniated disc in my lower back. And the pain is getting worse. And I’ve been homeless almost a yr. I’ve been on DHA list since 2021. Lugging my bags here to there is stressful and tiring. I’ve tried shelters and one after a week of being there refused to let me back in and at 8 pm told me I had to get off property . The temperature dropped to 16 degrees and I had 2 big bags and in pain so I have no faith in them. That crushed me. Thou being on the streets at 54 don’t help either. The government give funds to the housing authority but they tell us it’s a lottery. Homelessness isn’t a lottery and they didn’t get the funds through a lottery.
So if they are helping people why does Texas have the worst case of homeless people. I know I just came across a bit of bad luck. And I need help. Ive paid taxes since I was 15, they didn’t take that on a lottery so why helping with a place to stay or SSDI on a lottery. Help me understand

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