How can i update my contact information

Hi my name is Leshia Watson and I am letting you know that we moved and our rent went up a lot now we have to pay 1000 a month. Is there a way that y’all can help us pay our rent please. We had to take the house or we was going to be on the street, and losing our pets and we didn’t want that. We live at xxxxx We don’t live in defiance Ohio and it’s only me and my husband and dogs know one else because we don’t have anyone to help us or anything anymore. Our daughter did us very wrong again and now we don’t talk or anything else I’m done with her using us for what ever and not supporting her boyfriend because he doesn’t want to have a real job he is worthless. Please email me at xxxx to let me know if you all can help with paying some of our rent and our electric bill they say it’s always very high because of the windmills that is the kind of electrical we all have in Scott, Van Wert and Paulding Ohio. Almost 500.00 a month along with 1000 month for our rent. Please help us thank you Leshia Watson

I need to know where im at on the list i have a 10year old son and we’re about to be homeless