I live in mid Missouri, is there website of section 8 aparments to accept vouchers?

I live in Mid Missouri so I was wondering if anybody knows of a websites for any landlord that accept the Section 8 voucher and if anyone knows their numbers?

Hi Jazzy, we thank you for your reply. We like when readers leave some hints about the areas they are searching for.

Here are two websites that can help you with your search for finding a landlord to accept a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher.
If you have a voucher are are looking for a list of properties that accept Section 8 in Missouri. Click the link here Enter you Zip and begin your search.

We don’t know your zip code or we would enter it for you and give the direct number. You may also need to apply online. Hopefully you can take it from here and find what you need and find a someone who will accept your voucher.

For more information about housing in your area and how to find all government sponsored housing go to the resource finder from HUD. Here is a page with step by step directions for locating and applying for housing in your area. Click here

If this doesn’t work here is some other tips you can try.

Search online through the HUD website to identify your local housing authority. Ask if they have a list of Section 8-accepting realtors or property managers.

Online directories list Section 8-accepting properties. Search for local homes and ask the owners or managers if they accept Section 8.

Local real estate agencies may accept Section 8 vouchers. Or have lists you can access of land lords that do.

Always check your sources. Good luck with your Search!