Where do I find a section 8 application?

Where do I find the application for Hud or section 8. I have searched the web for a while now and can’t find it. About to be homeless. No income.


Good question. I just asked this myself.

One of the staff members at affordable housing heroes gave me great advice and I was able to find the applications for rental assistance I wanted and actually a lot more.

Follow the steps in the article!

Basically there is no section 8 or any low income programs that you can apply for directly at HUD. HUD funds programs are managed by Public Housing Agencies you need to find your nearest PHA and contact them for a Section 8 (housing choice voucher) and ask about all of the available low income housing programs.

Typically they will have website that will show you the programs they manage and you can apply online. Here is a link to a database of PHA offices. Put in your state and find the PHA nearest to you and apply either online or in person.

You can also contact the COC and homeless shelters in your area rather than be homeless you might be able to find rapid rehousing programs this way.

If you are low income and facing homelessness this typically requires housing agencies or local non profits to respond to your application quickly, so make sure you put this information in your application.

Can you put me on the waiting list?

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How can we help?

What city, state and what kind of help do you need? We will be happy to research local housing resources for you.

Hi my name is Evelyn. How can I apply for Section 8 online. I am 65 years old disabled. I really need Section 8. Can you help please. Thank you


I was just told they are no longer accepting section 8 applications.

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Where can I find a PHA in my area So I can fill out a application for Section 8 I have No idea where to find it. I’m on disability on a low monthly income. Been homeless since 2015.

I need help find ing Section 8 in Monmouth County NJ Middletown Township NJ the help I need is a place to lived at whether it’s an apartment rooming house or boarding home. Help please. I’m on disability been on it since 11/2019.