My living situation

My Name Is Kimberly And I Am Currently Homeless Living In My Car In Antioch California And It’s So Cold Out Here I Have Seizures And Some Kind Of Nerve Condition And Nerve Spasms And There Very Uncomfortable And Are Very Painful Is there Any Housing You Can Help Me With I’ve Been Homeless Since 2014 And I’m. Tired Of Being On The Streets The Streets Are Nothing Nice I’ve ALMOST BEEN RAPED THREE TIMES WHERE THREE DIFFERENT MEN TRIED TO TAKE ME BECAUSE I’M OUT HERE BY MY SELF IN THE STREETS I JUST WANT A ROOF OVER MY HEAD SO I CAN HAVE A PLACE WHERE MY SON COLUD VISIT ME AT CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU GOD BLESS

HI Kimberly,

We are so sorry to hear of your situation. Hopefully we can help point you in the right direction. We suggest you start by contacting a Public Housing Agency and speak to them about a emergency housing voucher. You can also contact local homeless shelters. You may need to speak to the homeless shelter or local police to be approved for a shelter

here is a link to Antiocha’s website, there are really helpful services in your city, we are hopeful you will get clean safe living assistance if you are persistent and follow all of the directions.
Homeless Services in Contra Costa County – City of Antioch, California

All the best of luck! Please let us know if you get stuck or have success!

Hi Kimberly I’m so sorry that you have to experience this terrible situation hear about your situation and I’m praying for you to come out of the terrible situation that you are currently in. I have a few places that I know that will help you with your situation but they are not in Antioch they are in Oakland CA. I have several friends that have went through these programs and they are all currently in their own place now. They will place you in a hotel room until you receive your voucher for low housing or sec 8 they also pay for your deposit and your furniture once you move in your place and they pay your rent for a while. The names of the places are

Roots community center 9925 international Blvd, Oakland CA,94603 (510)777-1777

Bacs Bay area community services (510)613-0330

Bacs Bacs Henry Robinson hotel 559 16th st, Oakland CA 94612

I hope you find what you are seeking for :pray: god bless you :pray: