Status on application/low income help vehicle

How do I see if my application went Thur and if I’m on waiting list I fill a application out over a year ago but for wrong area they tell me after a year that I would have live in that area it only a couple towns over still by so I didnt think it made a difference so now have wait another year I’m a single grandma raising my now 4 year old grandson who I had since around birth his mother passed been hard oast 3 years or more been struggling live with my father because was caring for my mother who just came down with Parkinson’s then toke on a baby had quit my full time job couldn’t take care my mom and a baby then long hours for hospice toke care my mom for 3 years til she passed then then have lot medical problems so can’t go back that kind of work so start online sales flea markets car shows biker events then was getting a steady income so started to doordash til I couldn’t renew my registration because of inspection the repo on that 20 plus tickets and 4 different courts so dump ton money into it try get it inspected one thing after another kept breaking down not passing after the last summer put 3000 now this month it caught on fire so out all money and vehicle live 8 miles just from grocery store one way out if money still live with my father with both him and I in one small bedroom I’m completely stuck looking everywhere help either fix what I got if can or get another vehicle when will Thier be a light at end tunnel because all money went in vehicle last 2 years no money left for anything else in live always broke so stressed never do nice things for my grandson seems like so much stress my health getting worse I’m so broke owe lot of money no home no vehicle.hard for me be happy and smile anymore nothing to look forward to.