A close-knit family seeking help from the American state

Good evening, I’m , a mother of 2 children, we are foreigners, we have been living in the U.S for almost 4 years, life is too hard for us, my husband works but I don’t, we have a lot of financial problems. to satisfy our family, rent, bills, debts, in addition the 2nd school for my children who is very dear to us, we like four so that our children study and receive the language properly which is very important to understand and be understood ,no money much expensive ,life is too hard for us.

god bless you hope your family finds the help they need soon.

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HI sorry to hear of your difficulties. We hope we can help and that you respond to this message with more information about what area you need help in. We will research your area for you!

Here is a map of resources that you can use. Read the instructions in this article slowly. There are going to be many affordable housing programs that you can consider applying for.

If you are of legal status then you can apply for housing through the PHA in you area here.

If you are not then you can apply for housing programs for immigrants here.

Click here and apply for affordable housing programs that are for people in urgent need. These programs will have emergency funding and if you qualify you can usually avoid long waiting lists.

You will need to determine your household income to know if you meet the standards for Section 8, public housing, project housing etc.

Respond to this message with the city you need help in. We will research your area for you.
Determine if your household income is extremely low.
Simply take what your husband makes before taxes, you annual income, include any checks or money you get in. This should be the amount on your taxes under annual income.
then let us know the area you are needing help in, we will need to see what the area average income is. We can research that for you or you can learn more about how to determine if you’re income meets the requirement to be approved for rental assistance.

All the best of luck to you. You seem like a kind person with a big heart. God will grant you prosperity, I have a feeling prayers will be answered and you will get the help you need. Please let us know more details on how where you need help and we can provide better information for you.

AHH Family Staff