Emergency section 8 domestic violence victim

I have two children living with me which one is 6 months pregnant. Im also a domestic violence victim by my son father i have had 4 restraining order against him and dropped them of the sake of my son now that i regret dropping now. I just had a recent one which makes this my 5th restraining order this one was the most cruel, scary, worst of them all he tried to kill me this time not only that he raised hos hand at my child how can i get help and also emergency section 8 i fear for my life and children life.

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We are so sorry to hear of your extreme circumstances.

We suggest that you contact your local Public Housing Authority. Use the map here and select your state, and then contact the PHA office nearest to you. You should be able to go their website and get more info.

if you need emergency shelter, try contacting the nearest non profit homeless shelter,

If you are able to apply for an emergency housing voucher, your local PHA office can help. You have documented domestic abuse which will help you skip the waiting list if you apply and meet the other requirements.

Be persistent in getting answers, use the internet to do research. try to search google for “local public housing authorities” and call as many housing authorities as it takes to get answers. Please let us know if you get stuck. Here is HUD"S website, this should help you contact local HUD sponsored programs. There may also be local affordable non profits than help as well. If you care to share your city ad state we will research your area for resources for you to contact too.

All the best, we hope this helps you get started.

Hello thank you for your response my City and state is Newark, NJ

I am in the same situation. I’ve been on the wait list for housing bc Madison WI doesn’t have section 8. I am disabled as well, but no kids. There’s so much out there for moms and kids. He is going to prison for 4th owi while bail jumping . He was threatening to kill me w a lead crystal glass and bal says not to be in a mile of me, not to drink, commit more crimes, no screaming threats names, but every night is hours of I’m a dumb whore blah blah blah . He got me off the lease and no one cares including the police. They don’t arrest him for any of that. I am going to be killed. He’s getting worse.

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