Homeless need to know where we can get help

I been homeless for about a year i have two kids I was told by 211 that I’m not homeless if I go get a hotel they won’t help.
I been on section 8 low income apartments and the open door program. Last July I got picked on sec 8 I called was transferred to 10 different people no one could let me know anything. So no home. I don’t understand why I can’t get help

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My name is Lamonta Rush I’m homeless I need a place to stay for me and my 4 year old son I’m trying where I at I need some where to go I don’t know where to go right now

I needed to respond to your message I have been sick for 14 months now last October my wife started a fight then called the police had me removed from the house at this point I was bed ridden for 41/2 months lost 65 pounds and could barely even use my legs to walk so I was hospitalized 7 times before being removed another 7 times after while in the hospital she went to the courts and filed a restraining order then while I was still in the hospital she went to the appeal hearing didn’t tell the courts about my situation and the order became permanent awarding her the home full control of our finances and everything else included so I have also been homeless 6 times no income no cash or credit cards and she kept 10 weeks of my unemployment checks would not release them to me. I have reached out to a dozen different counties for housing assistance with no reply I have filled out countless applications for housing assistance or vouchers with absolutely no success I have called 211 twice and they told me the same thing about the hotel I told them it was my last night both times I can’t wait until I have no where to stay I have a severe GI Tract condition that has me in the bathroom 8-10 hours a day around the clock. They wouldn’t help me until I was out of Hotel. I couldn’t be more disgusted with our Medical Health Services we are just a number to them anymore, going on 8 months now I have spent 1500 to 1800 hours to date applying for assistance from countless counties and services provided to us with no answer or solution to my problem, then you have the scammer sites advertising like they are part of SSD or SSI then they sell your information causing a logjam of emails , calls and text only to find out buried in the last page of their advertising was in the smallest writing possible that they are not affiliated with SSI or SDI. This created a major problem for me because there was a couple legitimate emails replied back to me I missed because of the other hundreds of the other scams over loading my inbox. This is the United States of America I worked 42 long hard years paying in and can’t get one penny in assistance what a said state of affairs for people in need in this country