HUD dragging out application process by weeks

How long does it take to approve you. I recently reached the top of waiting for low income housing. Was interviewed by apt manager and filled application that went to HUD for final approval. They sent it back did not like that my social security card name was not exactly like what was on my driver’s licence so they said I had to go to social security and change it. Also to bring them a new verification of benefits letter showing the name change. I did that and it was another week before they sent it back again this time wanting to know why my birth certificate last name did not match my name on drivers license. I told them because I had gotten married but was now divorced for many years. They told me they needed something like marriage certificate which would have cost me 85$ to get but I had my divorce papers from the courts which showed my full name AND my social security. Also during the time I was doing this since my name was corrected on my social security I was locked out of my direct express account which is how I receive my benefits on so again, I had to phone them and go thru closing the account and reopening it with correct name that matches everything else and I paid extra to have the new card sent quickly. It left me without access to money for about a week. Then AGAIN HUD compliance sent my application back saying they still wanted a benefits verification letter from social security that had my social security number on it which it does not show and if I couldn’t get that then I would have to provide them the new copy of my social security card which is printed on the east coast and I would not get in mail for at least ten days. By this time it was obvious I wasn’t going to be able to move in on March 1 as the apartment manager had told me and I had to reschedule movers, reschedule a surgery I need to have and I had already submitted a change of address with post office and I had changed address on all my credit cards plus needed to reschedule the utilities which I had ordered to be turned on March first. The thing that really upsets me is HUD refused to give me a move in date or allow me to move in while producing the info and changes they were asking for which were all things that could be done, I have good credit, I have no criminal background and all this extra running around and back and forth was not easy for me as I am 64 with some health issues. When they told me I had to wait until my social security card came that meant rescheduling everything a second time with no guarantee HUD would not find something else they wanted. Meanwhile I am completely packed everything in boxes and when ii realized this process was going to take even longer I lost my temper and told the apartment manager to just forget the whole thing . Why on earth would they give me such a run around when I have lived and worked in the county all my adult life. Is this a process that is usually done in this manner? I felt it was very demeaning and basically I have done most of the work myself with no help from anyone, I am on 15 waiting lists and I never meet a live person working for HUD, my stuff gets done online my stuff gets sent back and forth from office to office with all my personal information on it I am pretty upset with myself for getting to the point that my anger took over and at the system for making it a nightmare. I am a pretty well organized person and had more than enough information submitted probing who o was etc. I think it’s unfair that I couldn’t be allowed to begin moving in while making the corrections and while awaiting my new social security card to come in mail. This was a royal waste of everyone’s time and has just knocked me for a loop because now I don’t have a lot of time left before I will have to move because the owner of my mobile home is going into a facility due to his disabilities and chronic health issues and I will have to leave. I should be in my new apartment now but not the case. Not looking forward to what lies ahead. More of the same. But what a song and dance one has to do for HUD, no wonder people are homeless this is the most awful thing I have ever had to deal with and has not helped my chronic depression issues at all. HUD is such a drag and I see no end to my living situation becoming desperate.

82 year old paying $1000 monthy rent which is much more than my Social Security income needs Section 8 or Hud assistance . How do I find application on line? I do not drive therfore can’t go to offices. Please help me as I drowning here with this extremely high ren