I have a section 8 voucher, and I need help with finding a apartment, with out credit check

I have a section 8 voucher,that is about to expire, need help with finding a apartment with out credit check

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You can get free credit check from credit karma.

If you have a bank account, the banks usually have a link in your login to your credit scores.

Knowing your credit score is important especially when trying to find a landlord. Most landlords will want to run a background, employment or income check and credit check for the lease. However if you know your credit score you can fix and clear up things that might be impacting it.

You can also explain your score to landlord who might understand,

You can also avoid landlords pulling your credit and putting hard inquiries on your score. For example, if you know you have a lower than average score you could ask the landlord what credit scores they accept and how strict they will be. If your score is under what they want then you can quickly move on and find a better fit for you.

A lot of landlords who accept vouchers know that their tenants might be having hard times. But they will want to know you can pay the 30% of rent on time. I had a low score but I got my credit report and I was able to negotiate with a landlord because I was able to explain my score to them proactively. No landlord wants to meet you, like you and then be surprised by a terrible score. If you can be upfront with them they will appreciate it more than likely and hopefully work with you. They are out there, don’t lose hope:)

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Anthony Porter here from Bamberg SC 39 years of age black male from Bamberg SC am I on the waiting list for section 8 HUD housing voucher program

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Congratulations!!! Thanks you letting us know that it possible to be approved for Sectiin 8 vouchers.

Have you found a landlord that will accept the voucher?

Be sure to stay in touch with your PHA office. They will have you do a voucher consultation if you haven’t already?

you want to make sure you don’t miss any instructions from the PHA or your potential landlord. You want to make sure you know your credit and what’s in your criminal background. Those will likely be what a landlord looks out before signing a lease. I can say for sure but this was my experience.

If you have any questions let us know how we can help!