I'm a 62 yr. Old disabled woman in Fresno, ca

I’m a 62 yr. Old disabled woman in Fresno, california. I need emergency housing like yesterday. I lived in a place that’s not good for me. And something bad happeneto me here… I’ve been trying to get help but everytime it seems someone comes to help, someone intersepts n blocks the person from talking to me or helping. Otherwise no place actually helps. They just lead u on n give you surveys and questionaired but don’t actually help… I live in Fresno California n am in emergency need of my own place. I get disability but can’t afford rent or move-in costs.i have went to places that r saying they help n give vouchers and have went to doctors like they told me. They said they were doing applications n looking for places for me signing me up for programs. But I am still in situation.only half the time I spend out wandering with nowhere to go. Please help