I'm homeless with 2 kids in Stockton California

How can I get an application for section 8 waiting list. I am on disability I am in need for a one or a two bedroom apartment.

Thanks for leaving your comment. This the type of comment that gives us the right info to go off of to point you in the right direction.

You should start by contacting Housing Authority of San Joaquin (HACSJ) Click here for the home website.

  1. You will need to register as an applicant. Go here

  2. Click “I do not have a registration code” box

  3. Fill in your personal info as prompted. Be sure you can access the email address your provide. Be sure to update the PHA office if any of your contact info changes.

  4. If waiting lists are closed, go here to select other low income housing options.
    [Resources | Central Valley Low Income Housing Corp.](https://Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation)

Follow these steps to find all HUD sponsored Housing for the Disabled near Stockton CA.

  1. Use HUD resource locator here
  2. Allow HUD to track your location or enter the city or address you will live in. Your area should be where you have work history, family, or something of legal nature that connects you to the neighborhood you are applying for housing in. Housing Authorities will need you to provide proof of your identity and other documentations.
  3. Here is list of disabled, elderly and low income housing authorities in your area. Apply to more than one to increase your chances of being approved, if you they will allow it.Click here

Best of luck in your search. Let us know if you get stuck!

  1. Try calling: Plymouth Place
    1320 N Monroe St
    Stockton, CA 95203
    Raymond W. Gee
    5105 Manzanita Ave.
    Carmichael, CA 95608
    [(916) 334-0810](tel:(916) 334-0810)