Waiting list voucher

In list for one bedroom how long can it take in in Massachusetts


I am in I am in I am in Salt Lake City Utah there’s a I am in desperate need of an apartment or emergency housing voucher I am on the housing waiting list and I don’t understand why there are so many apartment complexes going up all around me daily and surely there’s got to be enough room to be able to get one of those available for myself. Is there anything I can do to make it move faster?

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Yes I am homeless.Barbara Hardy

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I am on three waiting list for housing in West valley Salt Lake anywhere and surrounding area please help me.

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I’m in Lancaster CA in needed of help to get in to a place just moved out of a gay abusive relationship in Gulfport Mississippi, moved back home seems like I was welcome at all so I been in the street please help me

Salt Lake City/West Valley City. EHV. Barbara Hardy (801)634-9453. Affordable housing heros. HUD housing. There are so many apartment complex going up around me everywhere and they’re still building please get me into one of them.

I’m getting a lot of emails nearly every day to confirm housing status it is not necessary I am sure nothing is changing but I have noticed there are tons and tons of apartment complexes going up everywhere throughout all the cities in my surrounding area clearly I could have space for a simple studio or something please send me a case worker information so I can make an appointment with my caseworker and in moving forward I can come into the office and pick up vouchers and begin looking for an apartment… moving forward kind regards.

Hi housing authority how can I find out what number I am on the waiting list I do have a job but I don’t make enough to afford a place on my own do you have vouchers maybe that I could pay 30% of my income? If so what is that program called is there anyone I can ask for at the housing authority that could help me? Please and thank you very much

Beasley K it could take 6 mouths to a few years

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Same here only I’m disabled and have been for 2and a half yrs. I’m at the end of the rope here !!! I need help and I just lost my storage so I’ve lost everything !!! Please help me get into an apt before it gets colder

Hello Affordable housing I’m Prince Demery Looking for a house voucher