What's the fastest way for me to get emergency housing I'm running from an abusive relationship and this mutual acquaintance rented me a room it's only been six weeks and she's says I have to go she even become verbaly abusive, she's very controlling

I’m not fine I’ve been living on pens and needles. This woman will not leave me alone. I’m starting to believe that she seen me as duck situation and took advantage of it. She’s renting this place and the landlord I don’t even know if there is a lease. But I know she’s renting and told me I can run a room from her. She’s been in my personal business Non-Stop she thinks she should have access to that because we live together and when I tried to explain that we became roommates because of financial reasons not because we’re best friends and we’re in each other’s lives all the time or whatever. She’s very controlling and very rules don’t apply to me just to you. Now I’m back up against the wall I’ve got to find a place you got to find a place fast. I’m an Air Force Veteran, I’m on SSDI, and I am running from an abusive relationship. I need help