Winner of the random lottery from DHA and received a letter from DHA palcement what do I do

If I was selected to receive the random lottery from DHA and I have received a letter in the mail and I have went online to finish up the requested documents so I could receive my 4 bedroom at the selected property that Dallas DHA had selected for me but when I go to the website for rent are. DHA . Online. Apartments. Com none of the paperwork I have submitted to complete my application process isn’t pulling up anymore and I also haven’t heard back from DHA palcement or from the support team about updating my information so that I could get updated on my application process and no one has contacted me yet it’s 2024 now I submitted my application process on 12/12/2023 I need to buy 12/13/2023 my family and I are still homeless my mother and I are both disabled and our on fixed incomes someone please help if it’s not to much to ask for a place for my family and I to live here in Dallas Texas