Getting no help in Fresno California

My partner and I have done three assessments at the homeless programs here to get in a motel we have gotten no help you just call every single morning and every single morning they tell you no there’s no waiting list so I tried to do the application for housing on my own but one of my question is do we have to be married officially can we even be applying to section 8 together or do we have to do it separate and what is the Continuum of Care who qualifies for that my understanding is you apply through the housing authority and they initially pay your rent but soon wean you off because you’re able to become employed or something does anyone know if that’s true because honestly I don’t know what to apply for section 8 housing voucher Continuum of Care I don’t I don’t understand any of it and about the homeless program the motels and stuff seems impossible for a couple to get in that place they said they were sending us map point navigation those people don’t answer their phones or anything nobody’s been out to see us why are they making it so difficult when they have so much money to help people 170,000 homeless people in California 17.5 billion dollars they could have given every homeless person $100,000 what’s up with that that would have housed us all instead they’re choosing to take the long way around? Meanwhile the cops are taking us all to jail for camping when the shelters are full full good job California