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My name is viviana and am homelessness a place I started a new job . So need asap .been homeless over a year

Hi Vivian, thanks for the comment. We are sorry to hear of you circumstances. We could help you more if you let us know the area you wish to reside in, the zip code? Preferably this is an area that you have some economic, social or family ties. We could research your area for you and find resources for homelessness and rental assistance if you respond with your zip code or even just your city.
Not knowing what you have already applied for; our first suggestion for you, considering your situation is to find shelter through a homeless service provider in your area. You should contact your nearest homeless shelter.

Here is step by step guide to finding a homelessness shelter.

  1. Start by getting resources in your area. Start by using Google and type “emergency homeless assistance” in the search bar. Allow google access to your location if prompted. You want to search your area, where you live and have family or work connections or even plan on staying in.
  2. Contact all services providers. Call to confirm the shelter type then just go to location in person. If you have children go to the nearest family shelter. If you’re a single woman then go to a women’s shelter. Calling the shelter will help you be sure that shelter will accept you. If you are disabled or elderly there should be a shelter specifically for that. Ideally you have and a can bring identification documents with you to the shelter. If you don’t have identification or any other official documents don’t worry, the shelter help you and will assign you a case worker who should be able to help you with documents and paper work. Most importantly they can help get you a bed, food and safe place to stay while you work on getting self sufficient.
  3. Call 2-1-1 on your phone and confirm your zip code this will refer your to the united way 211 hotline you in your state. Here an agent will take your through an intake process which is about 6 questions of basic info. You can pass or not answer any question but these questions will help the agent assist you in your area and know what resources you can have access to based on your income and overall circumstances. The questions are:
  • DOB
  • Phone Number
  • House Hold income
  • Disabled( y/n)
  • Military (y/n)
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Zip Code

These are all common questions that most assistance agencies will ask when applying for any type of assistance. Calling 211 can be a great resource and a very helpful way for you to get help from a variety of services. Go to the national 211 website to learn more, search for your state of just call and talk to an agent here

To learn more about other assistance programs that can help you quickly go here
For more help with how to locate low income housing through HUD, Section 8 vouchers, COC and other assistance programs click here e

Am in Visalia ca 93291

I’m need of place to to stay because they close the shelter on walls street in Richmond I need something asap

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