I live in a hotel. Pay wkly. Very bad and dangerous neighborhood

:house_with_garden: home is needed please for safety and peace. I dont make much. But work every day. Stability

How do I find application I’m in the same spot you are I live in a motel

thanks everyone for sharing. Stability and employment are key components to getting approved for rental assistance. If you speak with your local public housing authority PHA. They can help you with the application process to the following programs How To Find Low-Income Housing Near you - Affordable Housing Heroes

    HUD Offices
    Public Housing Authority
    Multifamily Properties Assisted
    Low-income Housing Tax Credit Properties
    USDA Rural Housing
    Public Housing Buildings
    Public Housing Developments
    Homeless Services/CoC Grantee Area

If you are in a emergency or your motel is not safe, clean or addiquate living you may be considered homless (at risk) in this case emergency housing services can be applied and you may be able to get housing faster than non emergency cases.

Some examples of emergencies would be found in this housing guide click here

[Quick Guide For Applying For Section 8 Housing -](Quick Section 8 Housing Guide )

[What is Emergency Section 8 Housing? - Affordable Housing Heroes](Emergency Section 8 Guide )

Is there a phone number please. Please help. I need housing
Deborah M***


Deborah M***

Deborah please refrain from leaving your personal info, especially your phone number. Anyone could call you.

For us to know the number for you, you will need to tell is your area so we can search for local Public Housing Authorities, You could try that too, google search, “Public Housing Office Near Me”

Here is a list of all the Public Housing Agencies?Authorities in Georgia, we based this search off of you area code. above , next time just leave a city or zip code. Click here

Leaving in a dangerous neighborhood in a hotel doesn’t seem to be considered safe and adequate living, according to HUD definition of homeless, you are technically homeless or facing homelessness and this puts you in a position where you could qualify for emergency assistance.

for emergency housing services try dialing 211

You can click here for more instructions on how to get emergency assistance and avoid becoming homeless.

For other more serious life threatening events, please call 911, if you’re life is in danger.