I'm disabled homeless domestic violence victim and my homes were stolen

Hello I am crossing my fingers that there is somebody out there that may be able to help advise me on an issue I had where I lost both of my homes 2 years ago to deed fraud. Unfortunately the county I live in shows extreme bias towards me after I left a domestic violence situation. Due to this I was unable to successfully fight a man who stole my homes. Long story short I signed a single piece of paper which I thought was permission to do a title search the man along with the notary he involved in this attached another page to this signature page which read warranty deed. This was recorded with the county and even though I addressed this within minutes of the recording I was unable to quiet the title and return it to my name. The man did not pay for my houses. I did not have an agreement to sell two homes to this man. I tried to have the sheriff’s department make a report which they refused to do. I tried to file complaints due to the refusal they refused to allow me to do that. I even tried to file an internal affairs investigation which they again refuse to allow me to do. I have contacted department of Justice, State attorney general and anybody else I could think of to report their misconduct and their unlawful practices to no avail. I was left homeless, I lost everything I owned and remain homeless 2 and a half years later. My question for my issue now is that the notary when doing her notarial certificate on this fraudulent document back dated it a year and a half prior to me signing. It took me two attempts at explaining to the governor of Florida what their elected notary did. While I was complaining the notary decided to attach an affidavit to the warranty deed excusing the incorrect notarial certificate date. In addition to attaching the affidavit to the warranty deed they re-recorded the deed, changed the purchase price without my knowledge without my signature and again unlawfully. From what I have read this should render the deed voidable. The only one that could void the deed would be a judge. It just so happens that I’ve been before this judge for my housing issue and he decided to form his own opinion and ignore some of the laws as well. So from what I understand I have to request that this voided through a judge. That’s where I’m running into an issue. I don’t know how to request this or what to say other than what I have said here in this comment. Unfortunately I cannot afford a lawyer. I am disabled, divorced, homeless and a domestic violence survivor. Legal aid will take on cases as they want to or are able to and they are unable to take my case. So I am left to do this by myself and the clock is ticking cuz I’m sure there is a statute of limitations on this. The governor’s office has written to the notary and requested that she respond and she has declined to do so and my understanding is that she will be removed from her notarial position due to this. I know there is a notary Bond that I should be able to collect to cover some of my costs and damages but there is no clear information on how to do that either. I am trying to do all this with a phone, without a desk without a printer without a computer and without internet. I am currently plugged into a Publix grocery store to create this thread. I am not uneducated however this process has left me extremely depressed and I can’t wrap my head around any thoughts that would be helpful. Any assistance or any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am not placing blame or pointing fingers. It is not rocket science to know when you have been treated unfairly. The law is put in place to protect people from disgusting acts of theft, but my hands are tied when those who are elected to enforce those laws actually ignore them. There’s no excuse for a disabled woman my age to lose everything that I work so hard to keep including my animals. I do look forward to reading any advice you are able to offer. Thank you in advance and God bless.

I am clueless to Florida laws, but
I suggest you contact U.S. Marshals Service for the wrongdoings of the law enforcement that refused to help, and the judge, as well. You could also contact the FBI, maybe🤷🏼‍♀️ Unfortunately, I have been through many issues like this with law enforcement and judges refusing to do their job. The US Marshals Service is the first stop in these situations. It’s not easy to fight, but you can fight it. Praying for you🙏🏼 Best of luck to you.