My landlord wants me out

My name is Michael Arbuckle Jr and I been living here for 6 years left once. I live in a building that is condemned and old. I may own the place however there are squatters there and the property manager all want to say I have to pay while others live for free. People steal out of mailboxs, the security is bogus because its a code entry anyone can walk in the building. My family raised me in that place and its known as the historic “Blue building” on Francis Avenue. I need help from city worker, politicians and people to help me keep my voucher and keep the building intact. People buy live pets to scare others and they people go in and out unlocked studio. I am hoping I can get fro. Over there but I love my property. Any properties I own I want to always keep. I need help if you have any suggestions please call 213-601-1122 thanks and have a blessed day.