Placement on HCV waiting list.. PLEASE !

This is what happened to us On Monday, 1/22/24, our apartment building was flooded due to a city storm drainage system backup. The property’s drainage system was not at fault, as our system connects to the city’s main drain.

The nightmare has just begun, Insurance woes, waiting, waiting, spending are savings while displaced.

Due to the backup, your building was flooded with about 4 inches of water throughout. The flooring, pad, and underlayment were completely saturated. The drywall and insulation behind were completely saturated about 12 inches up the wall.

A complete tear out of the flooring and 2 ft of drywall all around your unit will be required, along with the restoration of the drywall – patch, texture, and paint. All new flooring will be required. Currently, we have multiple fans and dehumidifiers running in your apartment. All of these factors have rendered your unit uninhabitable. It will take roughly a month to restore the unit to habitable condition. We have given you the option of transferring to another vacant unit or staying in a hotel while the work is being performed.

If you decide to stay in a hotel, please remember that all your personal belongings must be removed from the apartment and stored until you can return to your unit. This will need to be coordinated with your insurance company.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Florina Cicale| Senior Property Manager
Cypress Point Leasing Office

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