What you can do if you are facing homelessness

This is our team’s recommendation based on recent research if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Please know we are sympathetic and will do all that we can from here to help you avoid being homeless/.

If you are homeless, you should:

  1. Get in touch with social services that can assist you; Begin by searching online for social service organizations in your area.

3. You can try contacting 211, a toll-free number that can connect you to local housing and shelter services.

  1. You can also ask for help from your regional Department of Social Services or Department of Human Services.
    They can inform you of resources that are right for your situation and point you in the direction of organizations that can support you.

More advice you may find useful if you are facing or are homeless:

If you are facing or are currently homelessness; Programs like Emergency Public Housing and Emergency Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or Rapid Rehousing will help you skip the waiting list. Contact your local Public Housing Office here and see if there are open waiting lists in your area.

Here is a helpful article about: How to find low income housing fast!

Please reply by letting us know if you’re struggling to find housing resources in your general area and our team will research the area and see if we can help. Best of luck to everyone!


I have tried every resource in my town for emergency housing. 2 years my husband and I have been homeless and on wait list 2 years and we are still number 16 as of this month. We’re living in a camper in back yard of friend, which, is falling apart and rain is coming through roof. No hot water, not safe.
Please help. Thank you sincerely.


My rapid rehousing agency won’t even start an application for me until I am on the street or in my car. I have been staying with my mom for a few nites in a 1 bdrm tiny house and sleeping in the bathroom on a sofa cushion …I can’t stay here but a couple of days because her landlord doesn’t want me to…I am 56 and living with HIV and am on SSDI .I told the social worker all of this and she won’t help me until I am literally on the street…I thought u were trying to help people avoid homelessness. I have never been homeless and am not interested in starting now I have been trying to get help for months since I knew I was being evicted from my home of 11and 1/2 years through no fault of my own. The owner died and they had to sell the property so I was out. Anyway I have been searching for help for months and no one will help …I am at the end of my rope and seriously considering suicide to ease the pain of not knowing what to do and burdening those around me.Is this how the system is supposed to work?


I’m currently homeless living in my Vehicle with my partner and our two children in California . I was Wrongfully Evicted from my Local PHA . They said it was an At fault just cause Eviction and are saying I owe them $10,659 for “Move out Charges” which I obviously will never be able to pay nor should I have too and they know that . That’s why I live in PHA I’m very low income and PHA unfortunately is all I can afford being on Welfare . They completely ruined my whole life in an instant . After living there for 7 years never missed a bill payment nothing . I begged and pleaded at my court date to not continue with the Unlawful Detainer Eviction because I have kids and they need a safe secure roof over their heads it’s not fair to them . They Evicted me for Lease Violations that I didn’t even know I had . Also I’m a DV Victim from a previous relationship years ago and I told them that and gave them my police report and they just nudged it off and didn’t give me the resources I needed . Instead they gave me lease violations one of those violations was for the arrest of my ex abuser that happened on their property and for my neighbors calling the police to my apartment I also got violated for that too . Both those violations were from the same incident . Is that even legal?? Apparently so because they got away with it . My whole County is Corrupt . Nobody follows protocol , funds are unaccounted for and nobody has any answers as to why ? All these grants that are supposed to be going to housing and helping the Homeless is not going to that at all . Instead they unaccounted for meaning money is being granted with nothing to show for it . Something needs to be done .


I am 67 handicap disabled due to my disability I was just horrified to learn that Social Security took all my monthly money back until after September 2023.
They just screwed me big time and I live with a service animal
They took the money back because they felt that when I was on disability it overlapped, well how does a person with a service dog now how am I going to survive.
I am disgusted because so far all these organizations do not help and all the phone numbers and 211 were worthless I’ve left messages I’ve tried calling so what is it you are going to help me with I’d like to know
This is horrible abd I’m not a street person


I need help now before I’m homeless and not those stupid motel vouchers that’s drug city
I want your organization to help now before I go homeless
I need it now


You should be able to qualify for emergency assistance if you haven’t already.

Try calling to 211 and notifying them that you DO NOT HAVE SAFE, CLEAN, HOUSING. This technically makes you homeless or facing homeless and therefor a candidate for emergency funding from EHV, Rapid rehousing, RAD or other programs. CLICK HERE for more info on how to get emergency housing fast.

Contact your PHA and ask or clock here to learn about Emergency Housing Vouchers. EHV

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Hi I’m having trouble checking my status on here it’s kinda complicated can you help me out and tell me if I’m on the waiting list

Hey Virginia, we have this section:
Status Check

Or you can directly visit this topic for more information:
How do I check my section 8 voucher application after applying?

AHH Staff

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Hi my name is Renee. I moved to Florida to be close to the only family member i have left, my father. I moved from Nj bc my mom passed,my daughter passed, and i was in a bad DV situation. Im 44 and never lived with my father. I came here only for more verbal and physical abuse. His wife has made me use the bathroom outside for weeks at a time. My father is only home 1 to 2 weekends a month. She forces me to sleep outside and has made my mental status drastically go down hill. Can someone please help me find emergency housing. Thank you

Yes I’m struggling i have been homeless for 3 years i need help assp

Hey Virginia, How did it go? Were you able to check your app status?

AHH Team

No i haven’t been able to figure out how to check

“ GIna “

Hi Gina, If you’re already on the waitlist, you can do this online with the Waitlistcheck website.

If you’re new, Click on “Don’t have an account?” then complete “Year of Birth” and “SSN or Password”

Let me know if that works.

AHH Family

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Thank you so much for that information I was able to check my status but it says that i have no application on file, why is it saying that?

Hi Gina, have you tried calling the housing authority to check on your application?

Maybe they can give you an update. And did you get a confirmation number after submitting your application? (this is important).

You should probably double check that it went through okay.

AHH Family

Hi, I’m frustrated just like you, but with all due respect we would love to find hotel vouchers, we are 60, and 62 and we aren’t doing well on the street.
If you know of anyplace to get vouchers, please let me know.

Hi, my wife and I have been homeless now for almost two months, and it’s killing us we are 62, and 60. We’ve spent everything we have on motel, and after tonight we aren’t going to have any more options. Please help us if can, or point us in the right direction…

Thank you.

I have been homeless for about two years now. Shelters will not take me because i have an esa n ppl have allergies! It’s not fair!!
I’m an lists every where and still nothing. I’m disabled and this is discrimination of the worst kind!!
Please help!?

hello, I’ve been homeless for 3 years and currently disabled and have an income of Social Security 900monthlu. also can contact me through Email if you can help me get some kind of home for myself and my two teenage boys. thank you for your time.God bless your :two_hearts:

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